01 CAPPA Certified ProudToBe

Excitingly I announce that as of April 27, 2016, I am a certified labor doula (CLD). I’m so thankful to God and my wonderful family and friends who helped me reach this goal. And now, the adventure continues….

Only three days after receiving this great news, I gave birth to our fourth child – a son. I am beyond grateful for our wonderful birth team who helped me through a difficult pushing stage. As always, birth was beautiful, difficult, and unpredictable… and did I mention so, so beautiful?!  There is NOTHING so magical as holding your newborn in your arms for the very first time. Even with #4, the magic and mystery is all so new and exciting again. It’s fascinating that we can create with God, and the results are these beautiful eternal human beings, made in His image. I pray the glory of this will never get old to me.

[Because our family is adjusting to welcoming this new family member, I am accepting clients who are due in mid-November 2016 and beyond.]

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